experiential photo and video production

What is EXP Content?


Content in action.

Experiential shooting is a way to capture images that are spontaneous, real-life and organic. It captures people immersed in authentic experiences, not posed or pretending. It looks real and relatable to your customers, because it is real. It’s specifically designed to give website and social media groups large libraries of assets to draw upon for online marketing.

Our signature low-fi, low cost production approach allows for more frequent shoots to satisfy evolving marketing needs with costs far below traditional commercial advertising shoots. There are no large crews, lengthy set-ups or hours spent trying to get one perfect shot. Our team and talent work unencumbered by technical needs, delivering hundreds of great shots with minimal disruption.

The design of an experiential shoot is derived from your company brand deck, but feels uniquely social in nature to fit perfectly into all online strategies. This content solution will deliver a steady, reliable stream of on-brand imagery supplied bi-monthly or quarterly keeping your visual communication streams fresh, interesting and relevant.


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