experiential photo and video production


Merrell D. Virgen

Every picture should tell a story. If that story doesn’t evoke a response, we haven’t done our job.

As an artist, creative director and president of his own advertising agency, Merrell Virgen believes more can always be done to enhance the visual experience. That’s what advertising is after all— an experience that sparks an emotion and begs for a response.

Merrell brings this same level of thinking to his photography. While many photographers look at each assignment from a technical side first, Merrell and his team start with the concept. What story are we trying to tell? How can we tell it better? His unique background and experience give every photo that certain something you can’t quite put your finger on, but you know you want whatever it is they’re having. 

Merrell Virgen Photography services include:

·         Creative Concepts

·         Art Direction

·         Design Capabilities

·         Photo Illustration

·         Image Retouch

·         Full Styling Capabilities

·         Casting

·         Location Scouting

·         Food Styling

·         Hair and Make-up

·         Wardrobe

·         Scenery and Props

·         Portfolio and Zed Cards